Your Abdomen



Pre and post surgery, assessment of the renal and/or aorta, iliac arterial blood flow.


The Technologist will have you lie on an examination mat on an examination table.  A gel will be applied to ensure a close contact with your skin.  The Technologist will then press a 'probe' against your skin and move it around the area being tested.  You will hear a 'swishing' sound while the test is being performed that measures the blood flowing through your arteries.  The Technologist will watch the images on the monitor and take 'pictures' as required.   This procedure may take one half hour or less to one hour depending on the area being examined.

These tests are non-invasive and do not require the use of dye or needles.


You may not take anything by mouth for 12 hours prior to your appointment time EXCEPT FOR medication with a sip of water.  EXCEPTION FOR DIABETICS:     A minimal amount of apple juice and/or small sips of water is allowed with regular diabetic medication unless otherwise indicated..

The test will take approximately 45 minutes.  It is non-invasive and does not require the use of dye or needles.



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